Progress on Court Number One roof

The old Court Number One roof has been removed at Wimbledon's All England Lawn Tennis Club in preparation for a new all-weather structure scheduled for delivery in time for the 2019 championships.

Work on the Court Number One roof is progressing

Work is now under way on the erection of a steel frame. Court Number One will become the second of the show courts to be equipped with a roof, after the installation of a similar feature for Centre Court was completed in 2009.

Allowing for uninterrupted play, the second roof at the club will guarantee tennis for around 27,000 spectators who attend the famous tournament every year.

Court Number One will also be re-modelled – new wider seating is to be installed, along with two additional tiers of around 900 seats.

Work has also begun on a basic concrete structure which will form the basis of a new food court to replace the current Court No.19.

A spokesperson for the All England Club said this would “largely be competed in the new year [2017]”.


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